How many diapers does it take to make a 4 tier diaper cake?

The four tiered cake I am making will need a total of 127 diapers. I suggest purchasing a case of diapers if you will be making a larger cake. I like to use the size 2 diapers. The size 1 diapers seems so small, and depending on the birth weight of the baby, they could outgrow them very quickly.

How many diapers do you need for a 2 tier diaper cake?

The numbers represent how many diapers you need for each layer, so if you were making a 2 tiered cake you would need a total of 26 diapers. Three tiered cake would be 64 diapers total.

What diapers are best for diaper cake?

Supplies for the Diaper Cake

  • 1 large package of about 60 Pampers diapers size 3 or above (Pampers Swaddlers are recommended – because they are white)
  • Bag of rubber bands, assorted sizes (or about 60 small, 6 large)
  • One bottle of Champagne (this will be the base of the cake AND an awesome surprise for mom & dad!)

Can you use diapers from a diaper cake?

Yes, use the diapers.

What do u put in a diaper cake?

Here is a complete and handy shopping list:

  1. 60 diapers.
  2. Thick cardboard.
  3. 7 washcloths or teething blankets.
  4. 67 rubber bands.
  5. 3 extra-large rubber bands.
  6. Empty paper towel roll.
  7. Pencil.
  8. 2-inch wide ribbon.
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What size rubber bands do you need for a diaper cake?

Rubber bands (small) – You’ll need one rubber band per diaper. If you’re making a three-tiered cake, with 38 diapers, you’ll need 38 bands. Make sure you always get more though, because these tend to snap! Rubber bands (large) – 4 for a three-tiered cake.

What is the point of a diaper cake?

They typically serve two fundamental purposes: as a unique decorative piece (for a baby shower or nursery), and practically for helping your new parents care for their newborn. After being displayed, parents can use the diapers, which are all brand new, fresh out of the package Pampers brand, on their baby.

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