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All payments are final. The Burlingame Mothers Club does not provide refunds for membership signups and renewals, event registrations, donations, storefront purchases, or other misc. charges.

Canceled registration for events requiring payment will result in a credit to your account. Credited funds remain available in your account for the remainder of the current membership year, if unused these funds are forfeited. Credits cannot be applied to membership renewal fees. You can view your credit balance at any time in the "Payment/Credit History" section of your membership profile.


The Burlingame Parent’s Club is entirely volunteer-run, by moms and dads like you!  Our board comes from a variety of backgrounds, family compositions, and interests.  There is one common thread that binds us all–kids!  If you are interested in joining our board or finding out more, email us!  

Presidents: Cindy Wu & Megan Krat

Vice Presidents:  Melissa Haas, Alyse Lynam & Annie Stevenson

Advertising: Faye Lee & Diana Eng

Community Partnerships: Erin Echter

Community Voice:  Karen Eng-Toda

E-bulletin/Newsletter: Sabahat Adil

Event Communicator: Liz Ngyuen

Family Outings: Sarah Buchanan & Lesly Louie

First Time Parents: Jenny Abbott & Sonia Desai

Helping Hands: Kiersten Robertson & Shia-Ying Fang

Meal Train: Kristin Gianos & Nicole Lapidus

Membership: Kimberly Pai & Betsy Watson

Playgroups: Dorothee Saddier & Jodie Keegan

Secretary: Mary Loung 

Social Media: Natalie Sparhawk

Social Team: Hilary Henshaw, Anita Kacholia & Andrea Zider

Speaker Series: Camille Zanette

Treasurer: Shuchi Bargava

Website Administrator: Sherri Rose & Michelle Lee

Working Parents: Felicia Widjaja & Bonnie Sarkissian