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About Us

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC) provides parents of children from birth through age six with support, information, friendship, and community. Our purpose is to provide support, socialization, information, and entertainment to mothers and their families within the community. We are a not-for-profit organization with annual dues of $50. Read our ByLaws.

The BMC offers a variety of subclubs and support groups for all types of moms and interests. Some of the available groups and clubs include Playgroups, First Time Moms, Working Moms, International Moms, Mom-Owned Businesses, and many others organized by our diverse membership. The BMC also provides an extensive online community, which includes discussion forums, online classified ads, club news, subclubs, as well as a a monthly Newsletter, and member-only Discounts.


The club was started in August 1991 .