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Playgroup - Summer 2014 Babies (DOB June/July/Aug)
This is a playgroup for moms with children born in Summer 2014 (DOB June/July/Aug)

Playgroup - Fall 2014 Babies
Playgroup for moms with children born in Fall 2014 (DOB Sept/Oct/Nov)

Playgroup - Winter 2014/2015 Babies (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Winter 2014/15 (DOB Dec/Jan/Feb).

Playgroup - Spring 2015 Babies (March/April/May)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Spring 2015 (DOB March/April/May).

Playgroup - Summer 2015 Babies (June/July/Aug)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Summer 2015 Babies (DOB June/July/Aug)

Playgroup - Fall 2015 Babies (Sept/Oct/Nov)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Fall 2015 (DOB Sept/Oct/Nov)

Playgroup - Winter 2015/2016 Babies (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Winter 2015/2016 Babies (DOB Dec/Jan/Feb). 

Playgroup - Spring 2016 (March/April/May)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Spring 2016 (DOB March, April or May 2016)

Playgroup - Summer 2016 Babies (DOB June/July/Aug)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Summer 2016 (DOB June, July & Aug)

Playgroup - Fall/Winter 2016(Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)
Playgroup for moms with children born in Fall and Winter of 2016. DOB Sept, Oct, Nov or December.

Playgroup - Winter/Spring 2017 (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr)
Playgroup for parents of babies born in January/February/March or April of 2017 This group needs a leader/s, please contact the playgroup admin if interested

Playgroup - Spring/Summer 2017 (May/Jun/Jul/Aug)
Playgroup for moms with children born in May, June, July or August of 2017

Playgroup - Fall/Winter 2017 (Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec)
Playgroup for moms with children born in September, October, November or December of 2017

Playgroup - Winter/Spring 2018 (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr)
This playgroup is for moms expecting babies in January, February, March or April of 2018

Playgroup - Spring/Summer 2018 (May/Jun/Jul/Aug)
This group is for moms expecting babies in May, June, July or August of 2018

Playgroup - Fall/Winter 2018 (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)
This group is for moms expecting babies in September, October, November, or December of 2018

Playgroup - Winter 2019 (Jan/Feb/Mar)
This group is for moms expecting babies in January, February, and March of 2019

Playgroup - Spring 2019 (Apr/May/June)
This group is for moms expecting babies in April, May, and June of 2019

African-American and Multi-Racial Families

This is a playgroup and support group for families who would like to meet other African-American and Multi-Racial families in our BMC community. Open to African-Americans, blended families, mixed families, multi-race families, foster/adoptive/guardianship families, and any family in which its members don't look like one another or their immediate surrounding community.

BMC Board of Directors
This SubClub is open to all BMC board members.

BMC First Time Moms
This group is open to moms with children one year and under.
BMC Korean Moms
Meet other Korean moms and families in the area who share your interest in teaching your children Korean language, culture, and food. Join us to hang out, do a mini Korean story time for the little ones, share where to find Korean things, speak & learn Korean, and lots more. We aim to coordinate one monthly play date alternating between weekend & weekday.

BMC Working Moms
This SubClub is opened to all Working Moms or to anyone thinking of going back to work. We encourage members to connect with each other through this group. Discussions can range from professional ambitions, work-life balance issues, gripes about work, etc. We also have discussion forums dedicated to issues related to working Moms.

Food Allergies
This SubClub is open to families living with food allergies. Our Food Allergy Forum is a place for parents to get advice and share stories, recipes and resources.

French Playgroup
Playgroup for moms who want to expose their children to the French language and culture

Group Leader Subclub
This subclub is for Group Leaders. Please join only if you are a Group Leader for your subclub.

I Didn't Read It Bookclub
Who has time to read?! Are you tired of reading nothing but the latest parenting books? Well you are not alone! We are a group of busy moms who love to read and often can't find the time (or energy) to do so. We offer an easy going environment to talk to others about what we've read. If you haven't been able to read the month's selection, join us anyway, we don't just talk about books:) Books are chosen by group poll. We also regularly enjoy a book-to-movie girls night out.

International Mamas

Meet with other international moms to exchange ideas related to multiculturalism, raising multilingual children and adjusting to life in a foreign country. Our members come from all over the world: Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Korea, China, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and other countries. We organize a playgroup every other week and from time to time a playdate on a weekend for members who work and cannot attend during weekdays. We also plan occasional Moms' Nights Out.

IVF & Fertility Support SubClub
Are you struggling with getting pregnant? Maybe you're just about to embark on the IVF-journey and you need to ask a question. This SubClub is a subset of BMC members who are going through the same thing. Get quick answers to questions about fertility/infertility, ask for support, and maybe even share articles and personal stories.

Jewish Moms
Let's meet to have playgroups, celebrate holidays, share recipes, and socialize.

Joy Luck Chinese SubClub
It's always more fun to learn with others, so join the Joy Luck Chinese SubClub so your children can learn Chinese through songs, cultural activities, and play. We plan playdates and share information about Chinese language childcare opportunities, classes, preschools, and learning materials. Some knowledge of Mandarin or Cantonese is helpful, but all are welcome!

Mommy, Me and Little Me
This group is for moms with a toddler and a newborn or baby on the way. We’ve done a pretty good job figuring out life with one kid, but learning to juggle 2 is a whole other ballgame.
This is a space to connect, commiserate, celebrate, encourage, empathize, seek advice, educate and be educated, and make new friends with fellow BMC moms in the same boat as you - a toddler (age 4 and under), and their younger sibling (under the age of 1, or still in mama’s belly).

Moms with Special Needs Kids
Do you have a child with a disability or special needs? Would you like to connect with other moms with similar concerns? We are a group of moms that can relate to the joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Parents for Diversity and Inclusion
Parents who want to get together and discuss diversity and inclusion issues and how to explain it to their children.
Running Club

Tired of being stuck indoors all winter? Bored of the same routine at the gym? Why not join the BMC running club. The BMC running SubClub is a way for members to enjoy the great outdoors while getting in shape with like minded mothers. So whether you are a seasoned runner or just beginning, join us for a brisk jog on one of the many beautiful trails within San Mateo County. Runners of all abilities are welcome.

SF Expats
This group is for parents who have moved here from San Francisco or other large cities looking for support in settling into the suburbs.

Single parent group
This is a place to connect with other single moms who are going through or have gone through divorce/separation. Connect for play dates, moms-only events, and general support/community-building.

South Asian Multi-cultural
We get together to celebrate our South Asian heritage of diverse festivals, traditions, and culture. Our activities include family social gatherings, moms' only outings, and Hindi practice class combined with kids play date and parents get together on weekends Anyone interested is welcome to join.

Women Lawyers SubClub
The SubClub is for the women lawyers among us to network, support each other, discuss issues unique to being a working mom and a lawyer.

Work at Home Moms
This group will meet in conjunction with the San Mateo Mothers Club (SMMC) Work at Home Moms Club. Many of the moms in these groups either have their own business or are thinking of starting one. The purpose of this group is to create a large network of Peninsula moms who can support each other and provide word of mouth advertising for all with businesses.

Working Moms in Finance Sub Club
This SubClub is open to all moms working or interested in working in Finance. Whether you work or have worked in venture capital, investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, etc - all are welcome. Members are encouraged to network and connect with each other through this group, either online or through hosted meet ups. Online discussion forums will focus on issues specific to working moms in finance.

Working Moms Weekend Playgroup

Moms who want to arrange weekend play dates since they are busy working during the week.

Neighborhood Playgroup - Baywood
Neighborhood playgroup for all BMC members living in the Baywood neighborhood. This playgroup is looking for a new leader to organize events and playdates! For more information contact

Neighborhood Playgroup - McKinley
Neighborhood playgroup for all BMC members living in the McKinley neighborhood.

Neighborhood Playgroup - San Mateo Park
Neighborhood playgroup for all BMC members living in the San Mateo Park neighborhood.

Neighborhood Playgroup - Hillsborough
Neighborhood playgroup for all BMC members living in the Hillsborough neighborhood.

Neighborhood Playgroup - Millbrae
Neighborhood playgroup for all BMC members living in the Millbrae neighborhood.